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Who We Are?

Web Engineering Group is an e-service consulting company helping clients with their unique requirements to fulfill their web, applications and solutions needs

We may provide the following services for your business, organization or institution needs


Web Engineering Group is formed by a group of consultants, promoting and developing new marketing and publicity strategies combined with traditional and new Internet Technologies and e-commerce concepts.

Our highly experienced technology experience can make requirement analysis of your commercial or publicity Internet needs, and develop an original web solution for your business. Some options include the development of multimedia presentations and streaming audio and video. We are able to work on small and large projects.

We can develop procedures and techniques that allow you to have a more direct interaction with your customers, other businesses and suppliers. Remember, today's Internet is only a vision of the near future way of life and a great marketing and publicity tool that can work for you. We can help you to market your business on the Internet, using various Internet technologies. We may be able to enhance your existing web site and make it more productive or create your new or next Internet project.


Forecasts vary when it comes to estimating the impact that the Internet will have on various industries. What all of the experts do agree on is that Internet has the potential to change everything from how businesses operate and enhance revenue…
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